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SM Series

Equipped with advanced 75 sq.ft cartridge filter, floating weir gate and plus purification technology, SM series spas can maintain water clarity while minimizing chemical usage and maintenance. Standard features on all SK series spas include various jet formations, two 3HP booster pump, one 1HP air blower, maintenance free plastic skirt, smart control pack, 2 " plumbing, safety suctions, aromatherapy, double color headrest,LED lighting, floating skimmer etc. Optional features include patented heat pump, cover passed 2000hrs UV testing, isolation, step etc.



Seats:6 persons

Size:2,150 x 2,150 x 930mm / 84.65" x 84.65" x 37"

Dry weight:701 lbs /318 kgs

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Seats:Seats:6 persons

Size:2,250 x 2,250 x 1000mm /88.58 x 88.58 x 39.41

Dry weight:

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